Dandelion was established in 2018 in a small café in the industrial side of the small sea side town of Whangamata in the Coromandel. Formally known as Dandelion Cakery.  Cakes were made and Thursday and Saturday doughnut days were soon to be the most popular days.

After 18 months in the shop it was time to change things up. While passing though Paeroa, Dianna stumbled upon a 1980 Bedford campervan at a sales yard.

The conversion of the campervan into a food truck had a 3-month deadline. With help from locals to complete this was fantastic. Baker turned panel beater and builder turned mechanic. After the completion we were ready to roll into our first busy summer in our food truck – Cliff (named after his previous owner).

We decided to a slight re-brand and change the logo and drop ‘cakery’ from the name (Re-born as ‘Dandelion’)

Joining the crew with the Whangamata weekend markets, planning events and booking in private functions is what we now do. Cakes for every occasion and hand crafted doughnuts and coffee from the Truck.

Look out for Cliff on your next travels to Whangamata!

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